Capital Project

MOWJEC's Building with Love Capital Project goal - $1.5 million

  • Multi-phased project strategically developed with a “best use” of resources approach

  • Conservative solution allowing MOWJEC to serve and meet the ever increasing needs of our community today and into the future


MOWJEC has proudly completed the first-of-its-kind Distribution Facility in Texas in partnership with GA Foods.Virtual Tour

  • MADE WITH LOVE: SimpleCook™ Kitchen, an innovative kitchen concept, ensuring a fresh from-the-oven taste,
    using a sensory analysis technique allowing meals to have maximum flavor, presentation and satisfaction

  • HANDLED WITH LOVE: Up-to-date integrated pick-up, delivery and distribution system

  • DELIVERED WITH LOVE: Higher quality of meals, delivered by caring volunteers, with additional menu options

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  • Replicate the Distribution Facility in Ellis County using the sustainable model in Johnson County with the addition of office space for staff

  • Ensure the same level of quality and delivery throughout our service area


  • Build a modest office building for staff on the site of the Distribution Facility in Johnson County

  • Provide much-needed office space for staff

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